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Property Purchase Process

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Almond Estate Co. Ltd Property Acquisition Process

Discover your dream home effortlessly with Almond Estate Company Limited. Our simplified process ensures a smooth journey from exploration to ownership.
Explore, choose, secure, and celebrate becoming a proud Property – Owner with the most flexible payment options.
Here are the simple Steps to acquire property.

Client Inquiry:

Prospective clients express interest in Almond’s diverse property portfolio.

Investment Catalog:

Almond provides clients with a tailored investment guide aligning with their specific investment requirements.

Project Map and Site Visit:

Clients embark on a site visit, enabling them to choose their preferred unit or plot from the available options.

Confirm Unit/Plot Availability:

Upon selection, Almond verifies the availability of the chosen unit/plot and facilitates the booking process through the submission of an expression of interest form.

Payment Process:

Clients determine their preferred payment method, choosing from options such as cash, mortgage, or installment, based on their budget.

Offer Letter:

Almond sends an official offer letter to the clients, outlining the terms and conditions of the transaction.

Sale Agreement:

Our legal team prepares a comprehensive sale agreement, which the clients carefully review and verify before proceeding.

Transfer Documents:

Clients provide necessary documentation, including a copy of their ID, PIN, and passport photos, for the completion of the transfer process.

Title Deed / Sectional Titles Registration:

Almond submits all required documents to the registry for the transfer and registration of the title deed or sectional titles.

Title Deed Issuing / Home Handover:

Almond sends a copy of the title deed to the clients, who then collect the original deed from our offices. For homeowners, keys are handed over, symbolizing the clients’ official ownership of their new homes.

Your journey to a new home starts with Almond.

For more information about property investment or to schedule a site visit, please don’t hesitate to contact us at +254716 943 943 via Call or WhatsApp.