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In 2014, Almond Estate Co. Ltd was established under Kenyan law with the sole purpose of developing well-designed and reasonably priced real estate products and services in Kenya and beyond. The company is based in Nairobi, the Republic of Kenya’s capital city, which provides it with a number of distinct advantages that we use to deliver our services.


Property development in Kenya has recently invested in costly expansion projects in order to meet an increasing demand for quality and affordable housing for the country’s growing middle class. One of the Jubilee Government’s four major flagship projects is to build one million affordable housing units over the next five years. The government has set aside Ksh 2.6 trillion to address the perennial housing shortage in cities and urban centers.

The government identifies the creation of six metropolises as a flagship project in Chapter four of the Vision 2030 Social Pillar investing in the people of Kenya housing and urbanization. Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu-Kakamega, Nakuru-Eldoret, Wajir-Garrissa-Mandera, and Kitui –Meru and Embu are the metropolitan areas.


In Kenya, there is a high demand for housing in general, particularly low-cost housing on an occupant ownership basis, which explains the government’s specific focus on this sector. In this regard, Almond’s housing product model is consistent with Kenya’s Vision.

2030 Development Programme, which states that the government’s goal for urban areas is to achieve “a wellhoused population living in an environmentally secure
urban/rural environment.” In line with this vision, the government has pledged to build or facilitate the construction of a million affordable housing units.

Executive Summary

Although there are many competitors in the industry, Almond Estate Company has a competitive advantage based on our product package and partnerships with other organizations.

The company’s business strategy is based on sustainability, which the company defines as “the practice of using resources to meet the needs of today’s citizens while preserving the
use of those same resources for future generations.” Sustainable development aims to improve the quality of life for all people, both now and in the future. This can be
accomplished by recognizing the three strands of social equity.


Solvency is critical to a company’s ability to stay in business because it guarantees the company’s ability to continue operations in the foreseeable future. Liquidity is necessary for Almond Company Limited to thrive, but it should not be confused with solvency. Many players have had to reconsider their positions as a result of the regulatory changes, and some early winners have emerged. Almond Company’s long-term financial obligations will be met. For a comprehensive business development strategy, this firm will engage business experts in highlighted fields.


Economically empower the lower and lower middle-class members of our population by providing to them economically viable land. Demystify ownership of homes by formulating a scheme that is deliberate on delivery decent and affordable housing to the un- housed majority.


To drive real estate investments, sales and advisory services.